Trial Database for YPL – Lumos Learning

ltp_logo1Please review Lumos Learning database. It is designed to help students in Grades 3-8 with Math and Language Arts.

Program Highlights

  • Reinforce classroom learning for students in Grades 3-8 through innovative use of technology and individualized instruction.
  • Ideal Electronic Database Resource for Library patrons in elementary and middle school (Youth Services).
  • Aligned with the new Common Core State Standards Curriculum.
  • 365 days of convenient access to patrons from a library or home computer.
  • Students get immediate feedback after their practice session.
  • Libraries get monthly usage reports to help measure return on investment.
  • Offers insights into students’ strength and weakness areas for parents and teachers.

1)  Please use the information below to review the database program and then leave your comments on this blog post.  Thank you.

Access Code: 65870147986578

In the next screen, click on the “New User” button and create an account for yourself.

2)  Please use the link below to download a copy of our recent webinar (“7 Ways Public Libraries Can Impact Student Learning”)

3)  Please use the link below to read about Somerset County Library System case study.


3 thoughts on “Trial Database for YPL – Lumos Learning

  1. I think a lot of parents will love this because of the specific grade levels, which they are always asking for, and the practice tests. I’m glad to hear your son liked it Scott, because I didn’t think it would be very much fun for kids since it is just more testing, but I could be wrong.

  2. I let my 3rd grade son try out the math tests on this site and he really enjoyed it. I think it will help a lot of kids by prepping for the standardized tests.

  3. As far as practice tests go, this database is great! But I think our patrons would rather have help with how to figure out the answers instead of just doing practice tests that tell you the right answer but don’t tell you why it’s the right answer. But I don’t know, I could be wrong about what the patrons want.

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