Window shopping just got a whole lot more enticing with Virtual Book Shelves

virtual shelvesLowther Hall Anglican Grammar School in Australia has transformed their Library Resource Center windows into “virtual library shelves” by decorating them with book covers. Now that would be enough to grab my attention, but they’ve taken it one step further and added QR codes on the covers so that students can scan them with their smart phone or tablet. They’re then taken directly to the title’s details page on their school’s OverDrive digital library, where students are able to easily borrow the title.
Lowther Hall has seen an increase in checkouts each month in 2014, and giving their students such visible and quick access to their titles has certainly been a big reason why.

Got a windows where you could create a virtual book shelve? Why not give this idea a try and see if your circulation increases.

To link directly to the book’s full record in the eMedia Catalog format your url for the QR code like this:

  1. Copy the URL from the full record page in the eMedia Catalog
  2. Delete everything after .org/ to /Content… so the URL will look like this:

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