Transparent Languages is Coming Soon!

can't drive the car speak the languageTransparent Languages will be added next week ( Tuesday or Wednesday) to replace Rocket Languages.

Here’s why we selected this product to replace Rocket Languages.

Features: 95+ Languages (and growing!)  From Afrikans to Zulu
Extensive English Collection: Materials for speakers of 25+ languages including an intermediate-level immersion course
Features all aspects of language learning and Core Skill-Building Activities:               Listening, speaking, reading, and writing
Speaking Practice: Compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker
Typing Activities, learn to write in a new language
Flexible Learning Path: Follow a plan or blaze your own trail.
Insight and Review: Quickly and easily see how much you’ve learned and easily review the material.
The Welcome Lesson: Using game dynamics, a quick, basic lesson to learn a few key words and how to use the program.
Improved Speed: The latest HTML/JavaScript framework makes it ultra-fast.
Intuitive Interface: Designed to be used on any PC or tablet, the service optimizes itself for the size of your screen
Free app for mobile devices is also available see Transparent Languages Mobile for additional information.

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