Smashwords Portal Now Available On Hot Topic – Writing & Publishing

smashwordsRecently the Virtual Library launched a Smashwords portal on the Hot Topic – Writing and Publishing. This portal is for authors who are looking to sell their books, including marketing their book to libraries.  You can read more about the Smashwords co-branding in the article Public Libraries Embracing Self-Publishing Services.


Meadows Library DVD Idea for Your Library

Meadows Library create a DVD of ‘ads’ to run on their flat screen TV. Check out the pictures for a sample of what’s on the DVD.  If you are interested in creating a your own branch DVD ads contact me (Lauren in the Virtual Library and I’ll send you a template Powerpoint and directions on how to create the automatic rotating DVD.

Science Online Free Webinar

science onlineWed, Aug 13, 2014 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

There’s still time to sign up for a free August Webinar and brush up on the outstanding features and content that make Infobase Learning’s streaming Science Online so valuable all year round. This database is great for science experiments for students.  So if you have not used it lately or need to brush up on your database skills this is a great opportunity.

 Register now! Space is limited. There is no charge to attend. Click on the link below to registered.

Wednesday 8/13/14:
SCIENCE ONLINE: Free Training Webinar

Available for viewing on your branch’s iPad!

June 19th Updates to eMedia Catalog

Below is a summary of updates for our eMedia Catalog that are planned for release on June 19:

  •  Users will be able to search by ISBN via the Advanced Search.
  • The Wish List will be updated in the following ways:

o    All lists (including Wish List, Recommended for you, etc.) will be presented upon clicking ‘Lists’ under ‘Account’ (previously the lists were in a drop down menu).

o    Users will be able to borrow, sample, share, add to Wish List, and see title details all directly from the cover image (same changes that were made throughout the site in the previous release).

o    There will be an option to filter the Wish List by titles that are available now.

  • Bug fixes

Week 6 Database Challenge Winner is..

This week’s winner is Leah Ciminelli at Spring Valley Library, congratulations!

Remember to play Week 7 and please put Week 7 in the subject line of your entry. 

Those of you who choose Artemis got the summary as the first result. It’s interesting to see the variety of resources used to get the answer. You all did a great job!

Jobs Module in ReferenceUSA

refusa competive advantageSome of you may have noticed the new Jobs and Internships module in ReferenceUSA. This module has the ability to search for jobs by job type, keyword, company, salary estimate and geographic area. ReferenceUSA is looking for input on developing this module with additional features.  If you could answer the two questions below and send your responses to Isabel Boylan at  by October 2nd, I would really appreciate it.

  1. What do you think of the new module?
  2. What types of additional features or tools would you like to see added?

Thank you for your input.

Workshop for Library Staff on ACA

WebJunction will host a webinar on Wednesday, August 28 at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern regarding libraries and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Please join us for this interactive session, where we will discuss strategies for libraries to identify ACA resources, hear from libraries that are working to prepare for patron requests, and obtain key policy and resource updates from ACA experts.

For more information and to register, please visit:


Resource for Librarians for Affordable Health Care

Infopeople is working with NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region to collect and share information related to the Affordable Care Act. Thanks to the efforts of NN/LM PSR Consumer Health & Technology Coordinator Kelli Ham, a LibGuide with information resources for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is now available from the “Quick Links” menu of the NN/LM PSR home page. Check it out by visiting! It will be updated as additional information becomes available.

An IMLS cooperative agreement with OCLC’s WebJunction will result in online educational webinars, tip sheets and other resources to help library staff members respond to increased patron information needs related to the Health Insurance Marketplace. These resources include:

ReferenceUSA Update – Data Visulaization

refusa new-picture-32You may have noticed that there have been some new offerings with ReferenceUSA. The latest enhancement is Data Visualization – more specifically, the ability for you to now see data in a new way.   We know that a lot of folks will download large lists of data that they in turn will use to create charts and tables to include in presentations and reports.  Coupled with that is their discussions on just how much data they can move – now by being able to easily extrapolate this data into Heat Maps, Pie Charts and Bar Graphs, the need to download copious amounts of records is dissipated.  To learn more about it read Data Visualization

Is there any interest in having ReferenceUSA come out and do training in Early May on this new feature and ReferenceUSA?

If so, please post your interest on this post in the comment section.


Revised Login Coming to eMedia Catalog & Known Issue

Hopefully, this week OverDrive will be removing the Library District selection option from the eMedia Catalog. Once removed, users will only need to input their library card number and zip code.

Also, there is a known issue with placing holds on some of the metered access titles such as Random House titles. OverDrive is working on a solution.

At CES, Limitless Possibilities for Library eBooks

This week, all eyes in the tech world are focused on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where manufacturers are vying to unveil the Next Big Thing. This year, the most exciting gadgets share a common thread—they’re smart, responsive and connected. From the Hapifork—a data-collecting, web-enabled utensil that vibrates when you eat too quickly—to the Razer Edge gaming device that converts from tablet to game console to PC, the latest gadgets harness the power of the Internet in creative new ways.

In the world of eBooks, we’re seeing a similar trend towards responsive design. McGraw-Hill introduced an eBook capable of adapting to a student’s learning patterns; PaperTabs unveiled paper-thin, flexible tablets that join together to create bigger displays, exchange information with a simple tap, and take other UI cues from old-fashioned paper. Read more.. At CES, Limitless Possibilities for Library eBooks.


New Criticism eBooks for GVRL

The following have just been added to the Literature section of Gale Virtual Reference Library:

Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol 322

Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism Vol 257

Poetry Criticism Vol 128

Poetry Criticism Vol 129

Short Story Criticism Vol 166

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism Vol 266

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism Vol 267


Also added:

Contemporary Musicians, Vol. 73


ALA Virtual Library Conference

This year’s ALA Virtual Library conference is July 18th and 19th (Wednesday and Thursday). HR has agreed to cover the cost of the conference. In order to register, I need some idea of how many people are interested in attending and where they are interested in viewing the conference. Currently, the conference programs are  not available so the poll is to gauge your interest, you are not committing to attending.

Please take the poll by May 25th so we can get your input.

About the conference:

Framing the ALA Virtual Conference on July 18 and 19, 2012, “Mapping Transformation” hosts keynote speakers and interactive 45-minute Web sessions providing insights from experts and offering opportunities for conversation around key issues related to transformation in libraries.

Speakers include: George Needham and Joan Frye Williams on Libraries in a Post-Print World; Lee Rainie (Director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project), on the rise of e-books and next steps in the Project’s research on the evolving role of libraries; Brian Mathews, Jamie LaRue, Emily Dowdall (Senior Associate- Pew Charitable Trusts’ Philadelphia Research Initiative), Nate Hill, and others on transformative thinking and activity in libraries, and more.

And back by popular demand–30-minute author lunches hosted by Booklist editors Brad Hooper (talking with Katherine Boo) and Donna Seaman.

The archive of ALA Virtual Conference will be available free to registrants for up to six months, and also free after the event to all full registrants of ALA Annual Conference.

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ALA 2012<br />
 Virtual Conference, Mapping Transformation, July 18 & 19, 2012 

Registration Program Contact ALA Home 

Interactive conference on libraries in a post-print world, innovation, and more


Virtual Conference Speakers Interactive professional development ideal for anyone unable to attend Annual Conference as well as anyone ready for more—two days of keynote speakers and interactive 45-minute Web sessions providing insights from experts and offering opportunities for conversation with speakers and other attendees around key issues in library transformation.Topics include ebooks and ereaders; open source software; using Google products to enhance your mission and branding; libraries in a post-print world; publishers partnering with libraries; designing a superior library user experience; learning from startups and innovative organizations; and Urban Mediaspace Aarhus—building the library of the future.

Speakers include keynotes George Needham & Joan Frye Williams and Stephen Abram, plus Terry Ballard, Steven Bell, Emily Dowdall, Marlene Harris, Lisa Hickman, Nate Hill, James LaRue, Brian Mathews, Peter Murray, Marie Østergård, and others.

And back by popular demand—30-minute author lunches hosted by Booklist editors Brad Hooper and Donna Seaman.

Annual Conference full registrants save 25% on Virtual Conference! Registration is recommended to make the most of the interactivity and conversations.

The 2012 Virtual Conference Archive will be available free to registrants as well as to full registrants of ALA Annual Conference for up to six months.

$69 for Individuals 

$300 for Groups, up to 15 IP addresses 


eBook Question for Circulation

A staff member this weekend had this question:

I had a patron call today (Saturday) who had her library card# replaced.  She had an eBook placed on hold with the previous number.  The Circ staff told her all her holds would switch-over to the new number.  However, apparently this doesn’t apply to eMedia holds since the website displayed, something to the effect of, eBook hold was placed with other library number, thus it wouldn’t allow her to download the book.

Is this an error or do patrons have to have the number they originally set the hold with in order to download the hold item?

When you replace a patron’s barcode number, our eMedia Catalog and Overdrive have no idea this happened.  If the patron has holds on eBooks or eAudio books, you or the patron needs to contact the Virtual Library with:

  • the patron’s old barcode number,
  •  the new number
  •  and the titles of books on their request list from the eMedia Catalog.

The Virtual Library will need to contact OverDrive and get the requests transferred to the new barcode number.



Who Won the Awards?

Awards Announced at ALA Midwinter

If you’re wondering who walked away with the Newberry or Caldecott Medals this year, NoveList has the information you need. From the More drop-down menu at the top, left-hand corner, click the Awards/Notable Books link. Then, simply type the name of the award you’re looking for in the Browse for box, and click Search. The award list will be at top of your Result List.

Librarians Plan Ahead for August: National Immunization Awareness Month

Here is the seventh installment of ideas for incorporating health programming into your overall library programming strategy. Keep looking  for these posts on the first of each month to find programming ideas for three months out. Still working on spring and programming? See  June: National Home Safety Month, and July: National UV Safety Month.

Immunizations are one of the easiest ways that we can protect ourselves and our families from deadly diseases. The vaccines that are offered today prevent the deaths of an estimated 42,000 children each year in the United States alone. Yet, some preventable diseases — whooping cough, for example — have been making a comeback because some children are not vaccinated and also because some adults have not gotten vaccination boosters.

With August inspiring the back to school mindset, it is the perfect time to get the vaccination discussion going at your library, and promoting National Immunization Awareness Month will be easy with these free resources:

  • Quick and Easy: printable coloring pages, puzzles, activity booklets and more for children; puzzles, immunization recordkeepers and more for adults.
  • Featured Resources: books, information, and organizations to contact
  • Book Club: book discussion group ideas
  • Tie Ins: to traditional August library programming
  • Community Resources: local vaccination resources
  • Publicity Resources: free graphics, web banners and buttons, press releases, Twitter tweets, and more
  • Fun Stuff: fun, interactive links

Quick and Easy

Coloring Pages:

Puzzles and Activities for Children:

Bookmarks and Other Printables for Children:

Puzzles and Activities for Teens and Adults:

Easy Immunization Recordkeeping and Other Printables for Adults:

Featured Resources

Books for Children and Adults

Immunization Reference Information Links

Organizations to Contact

Book Club

Observe National Immunization Awareness Month this August by choosing one of these discussion-provoking books for your summer book club:

Adult Book Club

Teen Book Club

  • Code Orange by Caroline Cooney. New York, NY: Delacorte Press, © 2005. While conducting research for a school paper on smallpox, Mitty finds an envelope containing 100-year-old smallpox scabs. Has he infected New York City?

Tie Ins

August means back to school!

August really is the perfect month to promote Immunization Awareness with everyone thinking about school (parents at least!) August is also the perfect time to get parents (who may have skipped summer reading) to think about the library again. Promote your library and Immunization Awareness with free vaccinations at your library on their own or in combination with your back to school events. See Community Resources on this page for links to state agencies, Publicity Resources for free promotional resources, and Quick and Easy for coloring pages to entertain children while they’re waiting.

Community Resources

Find a local agency to partner with, a speaker,  or other local resources here:

Publicity Resources

Use this free material alongside your library’s August programming information – newsletter, blog, posters, or flyers – to promote both your library’s programs and National Immunization Awareness Month.

Fun Stuff

Goof off at the reference desk and amaze your friends on Twitter . . . OR add some fun and helpful interactive links to a library program, your library website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed:


Interactive Information

Interactive Immunization Schedulers

Provided by Health and Wellness Resource Center.