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REFUSA PERSONAL ACCOUNTSReferenceUSA’s new feature Personalization Features is now available. Show Them How to Take Advantage of New Personalization Features.
The new personalization features take the user experience to a whole new level. Now your patrons can:


  • Create user profiles
  • Save searches
  • Generate customs search lists
  • Access a personalized home page

REFUSA HOW TO SETUPWant to learn more? Visit Hot Topic – How to Use the Databases – ReferenUSA to view videos and visit the ReferenceUSA YouTube Channel.


Database Challenge – Play to Win – Challenge #4

gaimancarpetquoteWeek 4 Challenge

A high school student in an economics class is looking for business information about Chipotle, a popular Mexican Grill restaurant chain.  In particular, this student would like to know the year and place the first Chipotle was founded in addition to who Chipotle’s competitors are.

Which database did you use and how  did you find the information?

eMail your answer to listing the database you used and the steps used in the database to locate the information. Please use the subject line: Database Challenge Week 4

The Rules:

  1. Go to Virtual Library Notes at (also available on Voyager) every Saturday after 8 a.m.
  2. You have till the following Friday at 4 p.m. to submit your answer.
  3. Read the challenge question and find the answer in a Library database noting the steps you did to find the answer.
  4. eMail your answer to listing the database you used and the steps used in the database to locate the information.

Here’s an example:
A middle school student is looking for a biographical profile with a picture of the author, Theodor Geisel.
Answer: Database – Biography in Context using basic search on the name Theodor Geisel

What’s New with ReferenceUSA?

refusa competive advantageDecember Database Updates
U.S. Business

  • NEW fields added!
    • Accepts credit cards
    • Date business opened
    • Accepts American Express
  • New sourcing for medical records, which added:
    • 47k physicians
    • 17% more podiatrists
    • Medical school and graduation year for many records

U.S. Consumer:

  • 8 new TargetReady™ Models added, including Smartphone users, Online Music, and Hybrid Cars
  • 1.9MM new movers added