Hoopla’s New Interface Coming Soon!

hoopla bannerThe  Hoopla LightSpeed Release Information Sheet offers a quick, yet comprehensive, look at the features we think you’ll find most interesting, and is segregated by use purpose:

  • General LightSpeed Information
  • Information Libraries Can Use
  • Information Patrons Can Use

On top of these, two big changes that you and your patrons should know are:

  • Patrons will need to log in using their password (which they may or may not remember). hoopla will be glad to help in response to patron password inquiries.
  • Patrons (iOS users only) with active downloaded content will notice that updating to LightSpeed will delete their previous download (s). These are, however, still accessible, and only need to be re-downloaded – not re-borrowed – to enjoy offline.

    Please read and share the Hoopla LightSpeed Release Information Sheet with your colleagues.