Los Angeles Times 1881-1987

Headline, Oct. 26, 1944

Image by Zeetz Jones via Flickr

A link for the LA Times has been added back to the Databases A-Z list as well as Search by Topic.  It has been found in Proquest’s Historical Newspapers link all along and we just realized it was not cancelled as previous thought.

If you are interested in us keeping for 2011-12 please post your comment here.


ProQuest Digital Microfilm Newspapers

The ProQuest Digital Microfilm Newspapers is now available on Databases A-Z and on Topic Search under Newspapers and Current Events.

It currently contains the following newspapers :

  • The Las Vegas Review Journal – starting with the year 2009 to the present but runs about 6 months behind.
  • The LA Times – starting with year 2008 to the present but runs about 3 months behind.
  • The New York Times – starting with year 2008 to the present but runs about 2 months behind.

To use :

  1. Select the Confirm Authenication link
  2. Click Select and select a newspaper title
  3. Select a Year
  4. Select a Month
  5. Select a Day – usually it will start loading the newspaper at this point, if not then
  6. Select a Page

Once the paper loads, use the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to scroll  through the paper.  When you find a page you want to view click on it.  It will appear in the large window.  Hint: To enlarge, click the “Fill Window icon on the tool bar (see below).

Note: as of today(December 14, 2010, it has been noted this database fails using FireFox 3.6.13, when you try to select a thumbnail.  We are investigating the issue with Proquest.

Databases Discontinued

The following databases end July 31

Newsbank Package (Newsbank)

L.A.Times (Proquest)

Consulta (Oceano)

For the Las Vegas Review Journal we will be picking it up from Proquest.  Hopefully, it will go up near the same time the other is coming down.

The State Database package of EBSCO contains many newspapers.  So for patrons use to using Newsbank steer them towards EBSCO.  The newspapers can be found in Newspaper Source

Newspaper Source provides cover-to-cover full text for 45 national (U.S.) & international newspapers. The database also contains selective full text for 389 regional (U.S.) newspapers. In addition, full text television & radio news transcripts are also provided.

Press Display – Librarian’s Pick

We made a slight change in the Librarian’s Pick section of Press Display today.  We now have the Las Vegas Review Journal as one of three selections.  Los Angeles Times and USAToday are also showing in the section.  The section can hold up to 5 newspapers so if your patrons are looking for something other than these three every day, let me know.

The order of the papers appears to be in most recently published.  We can not order them differently.

Mobile Database – Press Display

Press Display has launched a new app called PressReader for viewing the newspapers on a mobile device.

It lets millions of owners of the two most popular smartphones download their favorite daily read from a selection of more than 1,300 newspapers and magazines available on PressDisplay.com, an online newspaper kiosk. The new PressReader applications are free and available for immediate download from Apple’s iTunes App Store and RIM’s BlackBerry App World.

Finding An Article

We now have our Serial Solutions product available on the Library’s website.  It is located under Library ResourcesFind Newspapers, Magazines & Journals Online.

There are several ways to search for a publication name.

  • Title words (Best choice if you have a good idea of the publication’s name.)
  • Select the first letter in which the publication starts with
  • Select a subject area
  • Enter a publications DOI (don’t worry about this one! Chances are no one except maybe cataloging knows it)
  • Select a databases (Not sure why you would want to use this option from this page but we have to have it in order for the other lists to work!)

Please note:  Do NOT use the A-Z list of databases as a list of databases we own.  This is only a list of databases which contain newspaper, magazine and journal articles.  Many of our databases contain book content and they are not listed here.

Goodbye Serials List…

And hello “Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions”.

We often forget that our patrons don’t speak “Library-ese.” When they’re looking for a magazine, patrons ask “Does any of the libraries subscribe to…” or “Does the Summerlin Library have XXX Newspaper?”

Not a one of them knows what a “Serials List” is.

When you click on the Library Resources link, on the top – left of the library web page, you’ll see we’ve renamed “Serials List” to be “Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions”.

We’ve also made the “Newspaper” link more informative. That old link really went to what major physical newspapers ARCHIVES each library stored, in what format, and for how long. It wasn’t a list of the newspapers the libraries subscribed to.

We’ve renamed that to be “Newspaper Archives.”

New names for Serials

Database Trial – ProQuest Historical Newspapers – San Francisco Chronicle

Please take a look at the Historical San Francisco Chronicle.  I wondering if this would be useful for our patrons researching Nevada or western history. Please leave a comment of what you think about us purchasing this database.  We currently have the LA Times and NY Times for historical content.  These two newspapers are well used.

  Trial expires October 3, 2008.