OverDrive Listen is Now Available

overdrive listenOverDrive Listen, is now available for our audiobook collection! Similar to OverDrive Read for eBooks, OverDrive Listen offers the same ease of use; simply browse, borrow, and listen right in your browser with a single click. There are no downloads or software required; all you need is a compatible web browser and an Internet connection. Using OverDrive Listen, you can add bookmarks, take notes, or make highlights.

This additional listening option has been automatically added to MP3 audiobooks in our digital collection (where publisher permits) at no additional cost.


A look back at a record breaking year in digital reading (Infographic)

digital readingTake a look how OverDrive broke the digital reading records in 2014. Did you know LVCCLD increase downloading of eMedia by

digital readingA look back at a record breaking year in digital reading (Infographic).


OverDrive now has a website just for end users

overdrivecomIf you didn’t know, most users access our eMedia catalog from the Overdrive.com website which was also their company site. Starting today they have launched http://overdrive.com as just a site for end users. It provides a simple way to find their local library, search for titles to borrow, download the OverDrive app and find help articles. All of the information about OverDrive the company is still available it just moved over to company.overdrive.com. All partner resources can still be found at partners.overdrive.com.

The new OverDrive.com allows users the chance to sign up for an OverDrive account, which provides many great features to ensure a positive experience using your digital library. Users are able to search the entire OverDrive catalog on OverDrive.com and filter the results by their saved libraries, as well as save their favorite searches to use time and again. The OverDrive account is optional, and enables users to save an Adobe ID to sync across all devices running the OverDrive app (v3.1) on Android and iOS platforms (Windows 8 is forthcoming as well). This means they only have to enter their Adobe ID once, and then can sync it to all of their devices using the OverDrive app. The app also has added enhancements including a custom embedded streaming video player and a built-in iOS dictionary on iOS devices. This creates a more streamlined experience for your users.

Feel free to give it a try.

Kindle eBooks from From Penguin – We have an Issue!

I know weKindle Family 2012 got the memo saying that the Penguin “USB ONLY” is a thing of the past.  That turns out NOT to be the case. Overdrive and Amazon are still working the kinks out. If a Kindle patron checks out a Penguin title, and tries to transfer it, they’ll still get the “Must be transferred via USB AT THE FINAL STEP.”

There is also another problem – the NEW Penguin titles do NOT have the USB ONLY memo on the Format screen.  (This is true for titles we purchased AFTER the announcement was sent out). The Older Penguin titles still have the USB transfer note.

We are working with OverDrive to get the message on the New Penguin titles. We will let you know when it is resolved.

Coming Monday August 26 to the eMedia Catalog

Below is a summary of updates for our  OverDrive Next Generation digital library website (eMedia Catalog) that are  scheduled for release on Monday, August 26.
     An additional
navigation option will be added when users select “eBook Nonfiction > View
A “A back to previous page” link will be added to the Wish List page.
·         The filtered search display will be updated to indicate that it is an expandable/collapsible list.
·         The “Discover the Next Generation Experience” bar at the top of your site will be removed.
·         The “Recommend to Library” graphic will be updated with new titles:
·         Accessibility enhancements
·         Minor bug fixes

OverDrive Media Consule 3.0 Is here!

omc3OverDrive announced this week that a new version of OverDrive Media Console (OMC) for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) is on its way. This release will include a new and improved interface design, enhancements such as syncing reading progress and bookmarks across multiple devices, and improved performance. OMC v3.0 will be available to Android and iOS users on August 20, 2013 and users will be prompted to install the new version.

What’s New
OMC v3.0 has been completely redesigned with a focus on making the user experience more intuitive. You can preview the new app here. The Next Generation of OMC will feature:

  • A redesigned user interface with an all-new look, streamlined navigation and a one-stop reorganized menu. App functions are just a swipe and tap away.
  • Users will be able to sync bookmarks and reading progress across multiple devices using a free, opt-in registration service called OverDrive One.
  • Variable speed playback for iOS. Audiobook users’ most requested feature.
  • First run tutorial screens. The app now prompts first time users to add libraries and get books.
  • System Requirements: OMC v3.0 for Android users requires Android OS v4.0 (or newer). OMC for Android v2.6.5 will remain available for download. OMC for iOS requires iOS 6 (or newer).

Launch Plan

To help your library prepare for the upcoming release, OverDrive has created several resources to educate library staff and get the word out to end users.

Live webinars for library staff

Participate in a 30 minute training on the new OMC app. Sessions will be held on the following dates and times:

Tuesday, August 13 at 3 PM ET

Wednesday, August 14 at 11 AM ET

Register Here

Unable to attend? A recording will be posted to our Learning Center on August 16.

Marketing kit

In the OverDrive Media Console v3.0 marketing kit, we’ve created an email template that you can use to notify end users and/or include as an article in your upcoming library newsletter. You’ll also find sample Facebook posts and tweets to spread the word quickly and easily.

OverDrive Help

On launch day, OverDrive Help articles and videos will be updated with the new OMC v3.0 experience.

New OverDrive Help for Library Staff

overdrive portalOverDrive has completely revamped the User Assistance (formerly Patron Assistance) training course with a new, simple ‘scenario, explanation and solution’ approach. There is something for everyone, whether your role happens to be in Information Services, Training & Outreach or Support & IT.

The course is divided into different user assistance scenarios: universal, those that occur on a desktop/laptop, those that occur with mobile devices and additional support tips. Each issue is clearly explained with screenshots (when applicable) and the steps necessary to get it resolved. Many of the resolutions contain links to articles on OverDrive Help, and you’ll be able to click on them if you view them and/or save a copy from the Learning Center.

You can watch a recorded version of User Assistance at any time On Demand, or download the the slides PatronAssistance.

As a preview, here’s a screenshot of what you can expect to learn:


OverDrive Getting Started Bookmarks

gettingStarted-Android-300x231OverDrive has justed added device specific getting started guides. I have downloaded the guides in placed them in the Media Drop   in the Overdrive folder or click on the links below.

These are great easy handouts for patrons as well as review handouts for staff.

OverDrive Digital Library Champions Contest: Coming Soon!

ebooksMelissa Marin Apr 16, 2013 1:17 PM – Show original item

Attention OverDrive Partners! Do you excel with eBooks? Are you an audiobook ambassador? An eBook educator? Marketing maven? Promotional powerhouse? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions or are at least curious as to what I’m talking about… keep reading!
It is almost time for the OverDrive Digital Library Champions contest. In the past, we’ve run the Outreach Program Contest and found amazing marketing ideas from our library partners including Sacramento’s “Now in eBook format” stickers; Marion County’s Pinterest and Facebook campaigns promoting eBook of the Day staff picks; and The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s comprehensive outdoor promotion featuring truck wraps and billboards with QR codes that link to their digital collection.
This year, we have a new name and we’ve made a few changes to incorporate more chances to win and the opportunity for our winners to be honored at Digipalooza, our international user group conference held August 1st-4th in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. The new name reflects what we hope to accomplish with this contest: We want to find the libraries and schools that are acting as a champion for the growth of eBooks, audiobooks and more in their library and community by successfully marketing their digital library.
We want to see the most creative and effective promotional campaigns for your digital collections from the past year. Awards will be given out for the following categories:

Inside the Library – How are you making your physical branch aware of your ‘Virtual Branch’? Examples could include unique shelving and displays; patron training classes; gadget galleries; staff training; in-library events.
Online – What are you doing through social networking, email or on your library website to drive traffic to your digital collection?
Outside the Library – In what ways are you reaching out to your community to spread the word about your digital collection? Examples could include: billboards; sponsoring a local event; partnering with an area business; commuter outreach; ads in the paper or on TV.
Test Drive – Are you enrolled in Test Drive and actively lending Test Drive approved devices to your patrons? Tell us how it’s going.
Excellent eBook Educator (Open to K-12 schools and colleges only) – This new category is set aside for any school or college who would like to share their most innovative marketing ideas. This is inclusive of any and all promotional efforts that impact your OverDrive collection (including online marketing and in school campaigns).
In addition to these categories, a grand prize winner will be chosen to receive this year’s OverDrive Allstar Award. This award will be given to the library that excels in at least 3 out of the 4 categories: Inside, Outside, Online, Test Drive.
Start brainstorming now! More contest information, including details about the prizes and how to enter, will be posted here on the Digital Library Blog on Wednesday May 1st.
Questions? Reach out to us at outreachcontest@overdrive.com or leave a comment below.
Melissa Marin is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive.

Let me know if you would like to participate in this event and I’ll help you submit your campaigns. – Lauren

Infographic: eReading on the Rise

eBookGrowthInfographicFrom Adam Sockel at OverDrive

Readers of all ages are discovering the power and convenience of eBooks. The results of a recent Pew Research Center study show that eBook reading is on the rise across every age group. At the same time, people are reading fewer physical books. More than half the population still reads physical books, but the percentage of eBook readers has increased dramatically. Nearly a quarter of all readers aged 16 and up reported reading an eBook in 2012, up 16 percent from 2011.

This growth in eBook reading coincides with the growing popularity of eReaders, tablets, and other devices. One-third of those polled reported owning at least one eReader or tablet device.

As more readers become aware of libraries’ digital collections, the popularity of eBook lending continues to soar. Readers checked out more than 70 million eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive-powered libraries in 2012, more than double 2011’s totals. Libraries throughout the OverDrive network are seeing increased digital circulation, more page views, and more engagement with eBooks, audiobooks, music and video.

To show how engagement at OverDrive-powered digital libraries mirrors the continued growth of the eBook industry, we’ve created this infographic. Feel free to download, print, and share with your patrons however you see fit.

Penguin Books has a change of Heart.

ilovetoread_posterBy Larra Clark

Penguin Group USA revealed today that, as of April 2, it will remove the six-month embargo on ebook titles licensed to libraries and instead offer new titles immediately after they are released in the consumer market. Other pilot terms are expected to continue, including a one-year expiration date on ebooks licensed to libraries and library pricing similar to what is offered to individual consumers. Read more..


OverDrive Learning Center

LearningCenter_OnDemand2Need to learn how to support eBooks or eAudio Books downloading? OverDrive Learning Center is a good place to start. Two very good resources for library staff can be found in this center. I highly recommend viewing and/or downloading two sessions:

View Now
View Slides
Top 10 Support Solutions We’ll highlight the most common support requests and how to get them resolved. 10 mins
View Slides
View Now
User Assistance Take your understanding of your OverDrive service to the next level so you can share your knowledge through support and training. 22 mins

OverDrive’s New Partner Portal

overdrive portalTo streamline your experience with OverDrive, they’ve moved all of the library and school partner resources to a new, standalone website: http://partners.overdrive.com. There you’ll find:


You may also notice a new web page for OverDrive Media Console (http://omc.overdrive.com), which provides enhanced information for the industry’s leading eBook app as well as links to install it on all major operating systems.


“Also Available As eBook” Templates Now Available

stickerTo download the sticker template, click the side image.

Who doesn’t like stickers? Recently, electronic resources librarian Amy Calhoun shared how Sacramento Public Library has been giving its eBooks a physical presence by placing “Now in eBook Format!” stickers on the covers of corresponding titles in the physical collection. Calhoun’s Librarian Share blog post was a hit, and we’ve received a lot of feedback from libraries asking for similar stickers to promote their digital titles.

You asked, and we listened. Feel free to download this sticker template, print it on sticky labels, and apply where appropriate. We recommend printing the stickers on a sticker sheet comprised of 12, two-inch diameter circles (Avery products: 22807, 22817 or 22825). It’s a good idea to do a test print to ensure you’re loading your paper correctly. Also, to ensure the design prints properly, verify in your print settings that “Page Size” and “Handling” is set to “Actual Size.”

shelf talker

Shelf-talker templates  are also available to highlight digital titles among your stacks of books. Just print on both sides of the page (we recommend thicker paper, like card stock). Fold each shelf talker along the dotted line, then place inside a jacket cover or position conspicuously between books on the shelf.

Community Outreach Training

If you like the stickers and would like more ideas for how to promote your digital collection, join us for our Community Outreach training on Thurs., Feb. 7 at 12:00 pm EST. We’ll discuss ways to promote inside your library, around your community and online. This webinar is open for all OverDrive library partners.

At CES, Limitless Possibilities for Library eBooks

This week, all eyes in the tech world are focused on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where manufacturers are vying to unveil the Next Big Thing. This year, the most exciting gadgets share a common thread—they’re smart, responsive and connected. From the Hapifork—a data-collecting, web-enabled utensil that vibrates when you eat too quickly—to the Razer Edge gaming device that converts from tablet to game console to PC, the latest gadgets harness the power of the Internet in creative new ways.

In the world of eBooks, we’re seeing a similar trend towards responsive design. McGraw-Hill introduced an eBook capable of adapting to a student’s learning patterns; PaperTabs unveiled paper-thin, flexible tablets that join together to create bigger displays, exchange information with a simple tap, and take other UI cues from old-fashioned paper. Read more.. At CES, Limitless Possibilities for Library eBooks.


New OverDrive Catalog

new emedia catalogWe were able to get a look at a library’s new OverDrive catalog and capture how it works for you.  Early in January our catalog will be changing to the “Next Generation” so I highly recommend you review how it works before our catalog goes live.

OverDrive’s Next Generation Catalog – How it Works

New OverDrive Catalog Coming in January

holiday ereadersJust updating you about our library’s eMedia Catalog update to the Next Generation digital library platform. Overdrive had contacted me last week that it would be done within the next two weeks. However, due to feedback from other libraries which have been updated, they have elected to postpone our upgrade until early January.

In the meantime, here is what you and your patrons can expect in January:

Browser Support: The Next Generation platform works well in all standard and mobile browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. To optimize the experience for Internet Explorer 7 specifically, users may be automatically prompted to install the Chrome plug-in. (Note: You may need to clear your cache to view recent code updates that remove the prompt for all other versions of Internet Explorer.)

OverDrive Read: Tens of thousands of EPUB eBooks are currently available for users to sample and borrow for reading in their web browser via OverDrive Read. They are adding and testing thousands of additional titles weekly and working to verify publisher permissions. Ultimately, they expect to have 95 percent of all EPUB titles available via OverDrive Read. While the vast majority of EPUB eBooks are available for OverDrive Read, they’re working to fill the gaps in the coming weeks and months.

Removal of “Cart” feature: To achieve One-Step Checkout, they removed the Add to Cart and Confirm Checkout steps. This significantly reduces the number of steps required to browse and borrow digital titles (even when checking out multiple titles!). If a user unintentionally borrows a title, there’s an option on the Bookshelf page to return the borrowed title to the library’s collection. If a user unintentionally downloads a title, in most cases, they have the option to return the title from the respective software.

Search: They’ve implemented the filtered search feature across participating sites. Over the last two weeks, they’ve made significant improvements to search performance and results, and there are encouraged with the improved stability. Of note is the new format display which quickly allows users to narrow results by EPUB, OverDrive Read, or Kindle.

Recommendation functionality: they are presently testing improvements to the recommendation algorithms to produce more relevant title suggestions from our digital collection. They’ll continue to improve this feature as they add new book intelligence and community data.

Accessibility: The majority of our Next Generation catalog is accessible for visually impaired users. They continue to test the website for accessibility and are looking at ways to further improve and address accessibility issues.

Look for the new catalog in early January.

OverDrive: The Next Generation

In case you missed any of the OverDrive online sessions, or my session in the Virtual Library Lab, Maureen Mackin from Enterprise Library is sharing her notes with you below.

Part I: Overdrive Overview

The purpose of the training was to acquaint library staff with the changes coming to Overdrive in early 2013. Lauren gave us an overview of what the changes in Overdrive would mean to us and our patrons.

Overdrive is hoping to make it simpler to read eBooks. They are planning to make the download process easier as well as the search in the eMedia catalog and reduce the steps in checking out material in the eMedia bag. Instead of three clicks, it would be reduced to one click.

By the holidays, Overdrive will be providing more samples of our eBooks (ePUB). This has been true for awhile in eAudio where you could hear some of the text and then decide whether or not you would like to request the book.

Books will also be able to appear in color, like children’s books and will also be able to be interactive [provided the author & publisher intergrate the content]. For instance the book can be read to you and if one of the animals in the book is a cow, it will be able to moo, moo.

Part II: See book. Read book.

Lauren showed the official video that Overdrive put together to reflect the upcoming changes in overdrive.

The new catalog called WIN (We are one of seven library districts which have had this new catalog since May.) will open up the website to do a number of difference things.

  1.  It will be a browser based e-reader. You will be able to read a book online or offline without any installation of software thus allowing the patron to begin reading instantly.
  2. The patron will be able to not only search for a specific author and find out which titles we have, but also what titles are available electronically and the patron will be able to request the purchase of other titles and forward those requests.
  3. The patron will be able to sample the books by looking at the Table of Contents and a small sample of the book.
  4. The patron will be able to bookmark the page and go from one computer to another and retain the bookmark.
  5. There will be added to the book itself a dictionary and Wikipedia searches.
  6. The patron, who might not want to wait for a particular book, can purchase the book and we will get a percentage of the purchase price which will allow us to purchase more eBooks. [This is currently available with the Buy it Now button]
  7. Ads will be placed on the eMedia page and we will get a percentage of the revenue which could translate between $100 to $5,000/month. Right now we have our own ads on our website highlighting Disney, etc., which we will continue to do.

Part III: Miscellaneous items

Lauren was interested as to whether or not we would be interested in having our patrons be able to read a book at the computer in our computer labs. The problem is that in order to do this Internet Explorer would have to have the chrome plug-in added to IE. [Virtual tested the plug-in with IE8 and the computer had problems. Lauren has installed IE9 and added the Chrome plug-in and is testing it. So far, there she has not experienced the problem the computer had with IE8 & the plug-in.] She will explore with IT IE9 with plug-in or adding FireFox or Safari which would allow our patrons to read eBooks from public computers in the MCC labs.

Another part of the video produced by the Overdrive company, showed us [Media Station] how patrons could browse using touch screen or arrows to get a description of the book, reviews of the book, audio books, and additional subjects. There will also be suggested titles like in nature to the author a patron might want on the bottom of the screen.

Overdrive is also opening up a website for others to help create new apps for Overdrive. This is called the Application Programming Interfaces or API.

Lauren , in addition, went over what can be found in the Overdrive learning center:

  1.  Handouts for the general public on all of the eReaders, tablets, etc.
  2.  Promotional ideas for the eBook collection.
  3. On Demand programs such as Overdrive help supporting ebooks & reader s & the 10 most common questions asked by patrons.

We also found out that we have 200 [Duke] classic titles always available for eReaders.
25 Britannica books are available for homework help and for easy access there is a graphic link on the side of our eMedia Catalog.

She also spoke about eRead Me Vegas  [all the Virtual Library’s workbooks on how-to download and how-to buy are located on the left-side] and eRead Me Vegas – Tips, Tricks & FAQS [great result of issues which may occur].  The information about buying eReaders, tablets, etc. will soon be updated in anticipation of the new market for eReaders and tablets for the holiday season.

Addendum: Statistics can be found for each branch regarding circulation of eBooks on the public service section of Voyager.

If you would like to view Lauren’s presentation, please visit Voyager > Virtual Library> OverDrive: The Next Generation. Click the link and select Save. Once saved open the file to play the PowerPoint show.

Maintainence Message From OverDrive

In an effort to provide the highest quality of service, it is necessary to conduct maintenance activities that affect our service infrastructure.

We are preparing for a maintenance window on Saturday, September 29 between 11:30 PM and Sunday, September 30 at 1:30 AM US Eastern Time. During this scheduled maintenance window, there may be up to four (4) service interruptions of no more than three (3) minutes in duration, as well as one (1) service interruption of no more than twenty (20) minutes in duration to your OverDrive-powered website and Content Reserve.

A message will be posted on your website on Monday, September 24 to provide advance notice to users.