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REFUSA PERSONAL ACCOUNTSReferenceUSA’s new feature Personalization Features is now available. Show Them How to Take Advantage of New Personalization Features.
The new personalization features take the user experience to a whole new level. Now your patrons can:


  • Create user profiles
  • Save searches
  • Generate customs search lists
  • Access a personalized home page

REFUSA HOW TO SETUPWant to learn more? Visit Hot Topic – How to Use the Databases – ReferenUSA to view videos and visit the ReferenceUSA YouTube Channel.


ReferenceUSA Personal Accounts

refusa new-picture-32If patrons wish to use the new feature Personal Accounts in ReferenceUSA, please have them use the second link on Databases A-Z tab R. ReferenceUSA will authenticate them on their end which will allow them to create a Personal Account to create a personal profile, save searches or search criteria to use on later searches. To learn more about how to use ReferenceUSA visit the Hot Topic – How to Use the Library Databases – ReferenceUSA

What’s New with ReferenceUSA?

refusa competive advantageDecember Database Updates
U.S. Business

  • NEW fields added!
    • Accepts credit cards
    • Date business opened
    • Accepts American Express
  • New sourcing for medical records, which added:
    • 47k physicians
    • 17% more podiatrists
    • Medical school and graduation year for many records

U.S. Consumer:

  • 8 new TargetReady™ Models added, including Smartphone users, Online Music, and Hybrid Cars
  • 1.9MM new movers added

Jobs Module in ReferenceUSA

refusa competive advantageSome of you may have noticed the new Jobs and Internships module in ReferenceUSA. This module has the ability to search for jobs by job type, keyword, company, salary estimate and geographic area. ReferenceUSA is looking for input on developing this module with additional features.  If you could answer the two questions below and send your responses to Isabel Boylan at  by October 2nd, I would really appreciate it.

  1. What do you think of the new module?
  2. What types of additional features or tools would you like to see added?

Thank you for your input.

Business Information Update

refusa competive advantageWith the Small Business Expo just around the corner, I have updated our Hot Topic – Small Business, Starting and Building as well as the Business and Investing page on Databases A-Z.

Prior to the fair you may want to brush up on our business databases such as BusinessDecisions and ReferenceUSA and get familiar with what is available on the above mentioned pages.  This will help you service your users when they come asking questions after May 18th!


ReferenceUSA Latest News

ref featuresNancy Spidle from ReferenceUSA did a great presentation today on using ReferenceUSA. You will notice in the next couple of days two new features will be added to our site – Data Visualization and Heat Mapping.

Nancy will also be at the Business Fair May 18th at Sahara West Library talking up ReferenceUSA with small business owners about what this database can do for them in building their business.

She would be happy to do patron training anytime at your library. If your interested, give her a call at 402.836.1473 or email her at

Be sure to check out our Hot Topic – Small Business, Starting and Building or the Databases A-Z – Business and Investing page for more updates and information on ReferenceUSA.

ReferenceUSA Update – Data Visulaization

refusa new-picture-32You may have noticed that there have been some new offerings with ReferenceUSA. The latest enhancement is Data Visualization – more specifically, the ability for you to now see data in a new way.   We know that a lot of folks will download large lists of data that they in turn will use to create charts and tables to include in presentations and reports.  Coupled with that is their discussions on just how much data they can move – now by being able to easily extrapolate this data into Heat Maps, Pie Charts and Bar Graphs, the need to download copious amounts of records is dissipated.  To learn more about it read Data Visualization

Is there any interest in having ReferenceUSA come out and do training in Early May on this new feature and ReferenceUSA?

If so, please post your interest on this post in the comment section.


ReferenceUSA Updates

ReferenceUSA has made recent updates to their Consumer databases.  The U.S. Census has finally made all their data available and it has been integrated it into ReferenceUSA.  They also had a very large increase in record quantity thanks to a significant investment in additional data resources.  The attached document will give you all the details on what they have done as well as some upcoming projects.

Consumer Update News 05-2012

Changes to ReferenceUSA

Tonight, ReferenceUSA is adding the following new features to the database.

Here are some highlights:

  • In the Business database, Executive Ethnicity is now a search option as well as an element in the result pages.
  • Geocode details are now displayed on every record in the U.S. databases, including businesses, residences, consumers, new businesses, new movers and new homeowners.  Patrons will see if a record is coded to the parcel level, site level or zip code level.  This is a highly sought after feature for mapping, planning and governmental uses.
  • In the residential databases, you will now see the Census Block Group and Census tract information listed for each record.
  • NAICS lookups are now done with the 2012 codes.  Our results have been populating with 2012 codes since earlier in the year.
  • Verified and Pre-Verified business records are now available in the U.S. Business database.  This increases the total potential number of businesses to 23,797,915.

For detailed information please review ReferenceUSA Product Announcement April 2012


ReferenceUSA has a YouTube site with a host of videos on how to use ReferenceUSA database. You can also subscribe to updates so you will know when new videos are posted.

Another new site  is ReferenceUSA Resource Center. (beta site).

This is where they post daily – responding to frequently asked questions, demonstrating search strategies, profiling interesting people and places or discussing various aspects of ReferenceUSA that we know are of interest.

The Learning Center is where they link you to their on going series of web-based tutorials that cover topics of interest including using ReferenceUSA as part of a job search strategy and how businesses use ReferenceUSA.  You will also find short form tutorials that demonstrate various search scenarios, tips and techniques.

Library Resources offers access to a number of items that you can download and print for your patrons – Sample Search Sheets, flyers, bookmarks and brochures.  There is also a convenient order form available.

ReferenceUSA Training

From Mitch at ReferenceUSA:

Good Afternoon,

I will not be traveling the next month and since I cover such a large geography (CA, NM, NV) I will be doing webinar trainings all month.   I will be conducting these webinar trainings with hopefully every current subscriber of ReferenceUSA. These trainings can be for a whole group of people or individuals.  I am happy to do either. I know how hard it can be to get everyone together at once.  Increasing usage statistics ultimately begins with educating the staff to what exactly they have access to, the benefits, and how to use it.  It is also a great refresher and update on all the enhancements we have added within the past year as well as a good time to see new modules if interested.  Also I will visit on how to show patrons how to utilize the database in job hunting.

  • Please call / email me if there is interest, and what day(s) and time(s) would work. I work 8-5 Central Time.
  • This is a great way to reach staff for training and to show new and veteran librarians the latest on ReferenceUSA.
  • Can be groups or individuals.  Log in is via the web and toll free phone.
  • Please extend this invitation to all branches when applicable.

I look forward to hearing from you and Happy Holidays!

****My coworker Bob in a patron training:

Mitch Eberle

Account Executive

ReferenceUSA / InfoUSA Government

800-808-1113 x 3774

Fax: 402-596-7688

Database – Reference USA

ReferenceUSA has made a change in how you access multiple pages of your search.  When you go to the next page you will see a word to type into a box.  You must type the word in order to see the next page.  This is their solution to a remote access issue.  Patrons are only allowed to print 10 pages. Remote users where able to print many more than 10 pages.  This should now limit remote patrons to 10 pages.

Database – Reference USA

ReferenceUSA has made a change in how you access multiple pages of your search.  When you go to the next page you will see a word to type into a box.  You must type the word in order to see the next page.  This is their solution to a remote access issue.  Patrons are only allowed to print 10 pages. Remote users where able to print many more than 10 pages.  This should now limit remote patrons to 10 pages.