Databases A-Z & Hot Topics Updated

databasesazFor those of you who have not been to Databases A-Z or Search by Topic since last Thursday, you may want to take a look. These two sections are now linked to our Hot Topic service where we can highlight or pull content closer to the surface to make it easier for our users to find the information they are looking for in the Library. Since September, the Virtual Library has been working on this project. From the database usage, especially down to the content level, it appears to be working. Last year 2011-2012 database views totaled 377,558 views. Through January 2013 (just 7 months) views total 344,524.

Please share your comments and suggestions as this is a work in progress.



Missing Databases on Search by Topic

The compatibility issue is cropping up again on your computers, which means IT must have updated your browser or settings recently.  Please refer to the previous post to solve the issue –


Missing Databases on Search By Topic

There is an issue with IE8 browser in displaying databases.  If you go to the Search by Topic page and you don’t see any databases (looks like this):

Then you need to set the Compatibility Settings.

The quick way is to click the Compatibility View button on your browser  located at the end of the address bar (like this):

or a more permanent method so you don’t have to click it all the time is

Click Tools

Select Compatibility View Settings

Check off the box labeled: Display all websites in Compatibility View.

The databases should now appear on the page.



Search By Topic

On our new website under Find Information we have a new section called Search By Topic.  Using the subject areas from Webfeat for the “Topics” databases have been added to each topic.  You will also find two grade levels and a link for State Databases.  One new feature is the sub division of the larger topic and in some cases the first sub division is “Try These First”.

Please give it a try and let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

On Find Information – Quick Search is the link to WebFeat which we will continue to the end of 2010.